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Windows Vista/7 /8, and 10, 64 bit version will require  MixW Version 3.2
Mixw Version 2.20 will NOT Work properly!!
Scroll down this page to Read Installation Instructions Very important!!!

Our Newest Version of MixW is: MixW Version 3.2
Your feedback will be highly appreciated.. 73 good luck...Jim, WA2VOS
MixW 3.2 fully supporting previous Window Versions plus Vista and Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit versions

Note: BPSK63 not displayed in Mode Menu in order to go to the new BPSK63 mode you need to create a Macro and setup on your Macro Key using this MACRO: <MODE:BPSK31><BAUDRATE:62.50> this will bring you into the BPSK63 mode and your log bar and status bar will reflect this change to go back to normal BPSK31 simply go to the Mode Menu and select BPSK or click your BPSK macro if you have one. Always a good idea to check this website on regular basis for upgrades and changes. Jim, WA2VOS

When updating your previous version of MixW Do NOT delete the older version. Simply run the install program allow the program to overwrite the older files. The new installation will not in anyway change your settings or change your MACROS! You MUST accept the "Default Folder which is C:\program files\mixw.
Note: This does not apply to versions 2.20 and 3.01 This only applies to MixW Versions up to; 2.19

If you have already registered your program all you need to do is RUN MixW then go to the Help and Click on the "Apply Registration" and MixW will then be fully registered

With MFSK Full Color and B/W Graphics Transmit and Receive
We recommend that you go to the Changes page read and also print out that page for future reference. This will give you an insight as to what the new version can do.  See Changes Page for the many changes and upgrades to our program
There is a 15 day timer in this FULL VERSION of MixW. After 15 days of use the program will cease to function and any subsequent updates will not function unless the registration file is present on the users system.
MixW2 supports SSB, AM, FM, CW, BPSK31, BPSK63,QPSK31, FSK31, RTTY, Packet, Pactor (RX only), AMTOR (FEC), MFSK, Hellschreiber, Throb, Fax (RX only). SSTV, MT63 and DUAL Callsigns for details,
Go to Changes Page

Click Here to Register your MixW Software


Important Notice Regarding downloads!!!!

We have been getting reports that our download file for 2.20 and 3.1.1 are corrupt and infected by a virus which of course is NOT TRUE!!
You cannot run the installation "On the Fly". YOU MUST Download the file to a Folder such as MY Downloads or any other name you wish to give the folder. Then, From within the folder click on the file you wish to EXECUTE and the program will install with no problems. Please READ all instructions carefully and follow them to the letter.   Best 73  Jim, WA2VOS MixW Software USA

You must download the file to a folder first do not attempt to execute the file without downloading the file to a
folder first. For example: Save to
c:\downloads or any other folder you wish but first download to a folder then you
double click on the file to install it to your computer.  If you are upgrading do not delete the first folder.. run the install
and allow MixW install to overwrite what it wants. The only thing that will occur is that you will have a new version and none of your configurations will be lost.


This is for MixW 2.20 Dated January 14, 2011  Click this URL:  MixW2.20f

You must save to a Folder first before running the install program
MixW is a multi mode multi functional software for every day logging and Contests. It has many useful features that make your QSO logging process almost a 100% automatic procedure.
MixW for digital modes may be used without TNC. The only requirements are a computer running Windows 9x, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating system with compatible soundcard. One of the RigExpert USB interfaces is recommended.
You may download fully functional 15-day trial version of MixW and try it for free.

This is for our newest Version dated June 6, 2016 Click this URL MixW 3.2

This new version supports all the new Rigs plus the older ones as well...No more looking for "Work Arounds"!!
This version supports Vista, Windows 7/8 both 32 and 64 Bit Versions!!
Plus previous versions of Windows!!

You must save to a Folder first before running the install program
MixW3.x.x is a next step on the way to the upcoming multiplatform MixW project
There is a lot of work to do, but now we'd like to present a prototype of future MixW4, a very simple DigiPan32 project (see below).
MixW3.x.x proposes new Telnet dialog with talk over DxCluster support and a possibility to have a backup copies of your log on our server, Logs can be password protected.

Notice: version 3.XX does not support FREE Upgrades Normally. If you are a Registered User of MixW you can get an upgrade for $20.00 if you are a First Time user of MixW the cost will be $70.00.  If you wish a Custom Burned CD for USA users and itsí possession the cost will be $20.00 Post Paid to your home. Due to high cost of postage to Europe or countries other than USA and its' possessions we no longer ship to
those countries or places other than USA.

For Your Information: MixW 3.XX will eventually support All Major Computer Operating Systems: Windows, Vista, Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit versions), MAC and Linux

Installation Instructions

When installing version 2.20 or 3.1.1 you MUST NOT change any of the Default folders. Do not delete your previous version. Run the install program allow the install program to overwrite what it needs. It will not ruin your settings or your macros or your configuration. The only thing that will happen is that you will find the version updated to MixW version 2.20 dated September 3, 2010 or 3.1.1 dated January 13, 2012 (To check go to Help click about and read the results) In order to run the New Olivia Mode you need Run MixW then go to the File Menu, Select Extras, Click on Modes, Click on Select ALL, Click download and when it is completed and Complete shows in the lower left hand corner , Click Close and all the new modes will be displayed and ready to run in the Modes Menu.

If you have already registered the program all you need do is run MixW go to the Help on the top of the MixW Screen Click Apply Registration and you will be registered. You MUST be ONLINE connected to the Internet for this to work. If you do not have an internet connection send email to and give me a valid email address and I will send you a self installing file to re-register MixW 2.20 or 3.1.1 The old registration keys (mixwreg1.dll and  mixwreg1.dat) will no longer work on MixW 2.20 or 3.1.1 your registration will come from a Master Data Base on the Internet.

For Station who are installing over Previous Versions

There are three files that need to be transferred.. You should go to the MixW folder which is: c:/program files/MixW copy mixw2.ini, mixmacros.ini and mixw2.log (These files should also be stored as backups.) Go to c:/documents and settings/user/application data/mixw and paste them in this folder All of your previous settings and colors and fonts and macros will have then been fully restored and made available in the new version.  It is important that you notify us in the event you change either you callsign or your email address or both. MixW is registered to the callsign and your registration depends on being current in the Master Data Base. 

For Stations using Windows 7 and installing MixW Version 3.xx

Windows 7 requires two folders: 
Target: C:Program files(x86)\MixW3.exe/1 (note: /2 = dual receive)
Start in: C:\Users\user or your callsign, name,etc\AppData\Roaming\MixW 
Be sure to copy your mixw2.ini, mixmacros.ini and mixw2.log and pasted into this folder  
(These files also should be stored as backups.) 

USE QRZ lookup from within MixW

The files below is a "Self Installing File"  when you click on it a Dialog Box will open Click the UNZIP Button!
Lookup callsigns while in MixW with instructions
Click here to download MixWeblookup
Click here to download MixWeblookup Manual (Note to save file Right click and then "Save Target As" Give address
ie; "
c:\my downloads"

For those who need it here is the Lame.enc.dll file Click Link below:
Click for the Lame.enc.dll file

Note: MixW has Help Files which must be downloaded from this website and unzipped to the MixW folder which is:
C:\program files\mixw They are located Below:

DX Cluster and Summit SETUP

Use the Graphic below to set up your DX Cluster and DX Summit
Just as you see it do EXACTLY the Same


hanks to Scott Hil,K6IX  there is now a PDF file available which contains all 5 sections of MixW Help. The file is 166 pages long, but with the PDF format you can print only the pages you want to print. To download the 4 MB file click on: http:

Click here to download all contests in one large file (2.6 Meg)

Download Q15X25 support DLL 

Bug Reports are Welcome
But please do not send short reports without detailed information regarding the bug.

Send mail to or


For low-resolution displays:
- To get rid of docked tool bars, drag them out of MixW window, or double-click with left mouse button, or drag with
CONTROL or SHIFT key pressed.. 
For very slow computers:
- Turn tuning indicator off (View menu).
- Set spectrum speed to Slow (See souncard settings).
- Set samplerate to 8000 (See souncard settings).
- Set DSP filter to none (See souncard settings).
- Reduce the height of waterfall.
- Turn off average spectrum line (if not in waterfall mode). 
Waterfall seems to move toooo slow:
- Set Spectrum speed (See soundcard settings) to higher value (x4 is OK). 
CAT interface doesn't work:
- Refer to interface manual and set RST and DTR state properly (CAT/RCP dialog, port details). Several interfaces
require RST=Always On or DTR=Always On. 
It's very difficult to tune to MFSK16 signals:
- Right-click at waterfall window and set Zoom to x2 or x3. 
Name and QTH of non-US stations are not automatically filled from Radio Amateur Callbook (RAC) CD-ROM:
- P.O. Box 2013, Lakewood, NJ 08701, USA - drop them a letter asking why they didn't make non-USA records properly.
In MixW, use drag-and-drop method to copy name and QTH from Callbook window.. 
How to set callbook database path in Callbook Settings dialog?If D: is the drive letter of CD-ROM,
- for QRZ CD-ROM, type
- for Buckmaster's HAMCALL, type
- for Radio Amateur Callbook (RAC), type D:\


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