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QST MixW 3.1.1H will now work with all versions of Windows including Windows 10!!!! QST MixW 3.1.1H will now work with all versions of Windows including Windows 10 !!!!Visit the download Page to get your copy...73 and good luck Jim, WA2VOS MixW Software USA


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Important NEWS to all who are contemplating buying/registering MixW Software

Be sure the website you are buying from can offer you either credit card or PayPal Service.  It has come to our attention that there are "Scam" artists out there trying to steal your money by selling you fake or non-working MixW registrations or Software. Some even use the MixW website to permit you to download our software. PayPal and Credit cards always guaranty that you are dealing with a legitimate company. Be careful before submitting Credit Card numbers if you are not sure of their authenticity.  An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure!!  73 Jim, WA2VOS MixW Software USA

MixW Version 2.20 dated September 3, 2011 Now Available for downloading
 MixW 2.20 now has a working version of the DX Cluster plus
DX Summit for your pleasure and DXing

 MixW 3.X.  Dated March 4, 2012 Now Available for downloading
This new version will
eventually support all operating systems such as:
Windows, XP, Vista, Windows 7, MAC, LINUX
- New World Map with resizing and greyline
- New Telnet dialog with talk and links to QRZ.com and google map
- Backup logs on mixw.net server (password protected)
- Edit Backup.pwd with notepad to set the password
Visit the Downloads Page and try out a copy of MixW. There is NO DEMO the download is the FULL Version NOTHING Held back. The Download will run for 15 days. Registering MixW will stop the timer Clock. Want to read up on  what is New and Exciting In either  Version? Visit the Changes Page!

You may download a Trial  Version of MixW 2.20 or Version 3.XX
 (Editor's note full version except for 15 day) timer)
 Go to our www.mixwusa.com/downloads.htm
Select Version 2.20 or 3.1.1H both versons of MixW are
Full Versions not Demos
There is a 15 day timer on both versions which will give a full two weeks to 
Test to find out if MixW is for you... Best 73 
Jim, WA2VOS MixW Software USA




Any Questions feel free to drop me a line here is my email address:

                   Best 73 and thank you for reading this text..
                    Jim Jaffe, WA2VOS MixW Software USA

Please check this site daily!!
To find out what is new go to our "Menu" on the top of this page and select
"Changes" and find out all the New "Goodies" since version 2.12 was released.




For information on the RigExpert
Check with Yuri's VE3DZ
Yuri's Website is:


RTTY any speed any shift
Packet (VHF) & (UHF)
Pactor RX
MFSK/Graphics Color/BW
Olivia, Contestia*, RTTYM*
Normal Logging
Contest Logging
CD/ROM Callbook
Voice Keying for SSB, AM, FM

Now able to support Dual (2) Callsigns  MARS Members or another member living in the same household may now use 2.20 by  having a "Dual" registration. MARS members holding a second callsign may now request  a New Registration file (FREE) by submitting the MARS or Family Member's callsign for registration. If you are a Registered User of MixW software and either hold a MARS Callsign or have a member of your family wishing to use MixW who resides in your Household (Same Address required).  email to: Jim Jaffe, WA2VOS
Version 2.20 will support Windows up to Windows XP it will behave poorly if attempted to be used with Windows Vista and Windows 7. You need to download version 3.XX


RigBlaster Tip

The above is the setup for RigBlaster PTT keying Comport is your own choice..




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